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KH427 - Protective Mask

KH427 - Protective Mask

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This handcrafted practical mask is a stylish statement piece, made from premium materials. It's breathable, washable, fashionable, and sustainable. Adjustment bars in the nose strip allow the mask to be fitted to your face. 

Height: 14.5cm / 5.71in
Width: 10cm / 3.94in
Metal Rings: Gold
Color: Black
Construction: Suede / Leather / Elastic

Precautions: Do not machine wash. Hand wash only. Wearing this item with eyeglasses may cause glasses to steam; be careful when driving. Do not use if you have skin problems. If you notice any irritation such as itching or rash, stop usage immediately and consult a physician. Stay informed about COVID-19 coronavirus and preventative measures for other illnesses at

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