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Become an EMMA JEAN Ambassador, and be a spokesperson of the brand.

What you get for being a loyal supporter of EMMA JEAN


Get invitation to exclusive events

Whenever we host limited-time large or small audience exhibitions, popups, celebrations, you'll be invited to come join us.

Get sneak peeks & preview upcoming designs

Our designer is always working on new pieces and projects. You'll be in the know about the latest and greatest styles, trends, and projects. We value your opinion what you think our customers need.

You'll be able to:

  • See BTS images/videos of in-progress pieces
  • Take a look at sketches for upcoming projects
  • Checkout prototypes and limited run sample pieces.

Receive shares and reposts of your EMMA JEAN content on our SNS channels

We want to highlight you for being a valuable supporter and extended member of the EMMA JEAN team. So, we will support you back and make our fans your fans.

Whenever you tag EMMA JEAN and show off our products on social media, you’ll Get shared and reposted on EMMA JEAN’s official Instagram account.

Earn rewards, discounts, commissions, and more by referring customers.

When you promote EMMA JEAN and someone makes a purchase with one of your unique promocodes or links, you will receive a percentage of the sale. Earn generous prizes and increase your commission percentage over time. Learn more

  • Positivity

    We expect our ambassadors to speak positively about EMMA JEAN both online and offline and highlight our brand in a confident and constructive light. You are a spokesperson for EMMA JEAN, and as such, we want to promote you as positively and powerfully as we can.

  • Showing and Sharing

    We need our loyal supporters to post EMMA JEAN related content to their social media, a minimum of 6 times a month. Can you post more than 6 times/month? Of course, as much as you like.

    The content should be Images or videos of themselves wearing our products and/or aesthetic images of the products themselves.

    Additionally, while there is no minimum requirement, we would also like our ambassadors to share posts to their stories.

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