Social Media Brand Ambassadorship Terms of Service Agreement

EMMA JEAN, Inc. Social Media Brand Ambassadorship Terms of Service Agreement

This Social Media Brand Ambassadorship Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on the date of submission, between EMMA JEAN, Inc., a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of Tokyo, Japan, with its principal place of business at Tokyo, Hamura, Sakaecho 2-12-8, Belk House #103, hereinafter referred to as "EMMA JEAN" or “EMMA JEAN, Inc.” and the individual(s) participating in the ambassadorship program, collectively referred to as the "Ambassador."

  1. Definition of Parties

1.1 EMMA JEAN: Refers to EMMA JEAN, Inc., a legal entity duly organized and existing under the applicable laws.

1.2 Ambassador: Refers to the individual(s) voluntarily participating in EMMA JEAN's ambassadorship program. The period during which an individual serves as an ambassador of EMMA JEAN shall be denoted as "ambassadorship" or "brand ambassadorship."

  1. Scope of Ambassadorship

2.1 Ambassadors shall act as representatives of EMMA JEAN in both virtual and physical spheres, maintaining a positive discourse about the brand.

2.2 Ambassadors are obligated to create a minimum of six (6) brand-related social media posts per calendar month, appropriately tagging EMMA JEAN Restrictions are contingent upon compliance with the terms and conditions of the respective social media platforms utilized.

  1. Duration of Ambassadorship

3.1 The ambassadorship is of an indefinite duration, subject to the discretionary authority of EMMA JEAN which reserves the right to pause, suspend, terminate, or extend the duration at its sole discretion.

  1. Compensation and Benefits

4.1 Ambassadors shall receive compensation in the form of discounts, complimentary products, rewards, and additional undisclosed incentives based on performance, as stipulated in the EMMA JEAN "Ambassador Bass Level Progression" guide.

4.2 Selection of free prizes is subject to exclusion of one-of-one designs unless explicitly specified by EMMA JEAN, Inc.

  1. Content Creation and Usage Rights

5.1 During the ambassadorship tenure, the copyright ownership of content created for ambassadorial purposes shall irrevocably transfer to EMMA JEAN, Inc.

5.2 EMMA JEAN shall possess all rights to utilize, reuse, manipulate, and repurpose the content as deemed fit.

  1. Brand Guidelines and Representation

6.1 Ambassadors are obliged to consistently express positive sentiments about EMMA JEAN, Inc., both online and offline.

6.2 Ambassadors shall present themselves and EMMA JEAN, Inc. as morally upright, healthy, and responsible entities. Any conflicts of interest must be promptly disclosed, and in their absence, ambassadors shall default to the positions advocated by EMMA JEAN, Inc.

  1. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

7.1 Ambassadors shall maintain strict confidentiality regarding unreleased products, prototypes, marketing materials, designs, sketches, trade secrets, future plans, and other proprietary or sensitive information disclosed by EMMA JEAN, Inc.

7.2 Disclosure, dissemination, or discussion of such information with external parties, whether publicly or privately, is strictly prohibited.

7.3 Ambassadors undertake not to sell or distribute any aforementioned sensitive information or personal information pertaining to individuals associated with EMMA JEAN, Inc.

  1. Termination Clause

8.1 Termination of the ambassadorship may result from any act of negative speech against EMMA JEAN, Inc., failure to fulfill prescribed posting quotas, dissemination of false statements, fraudulent representation of referral sales, provision of false information, breach of confidentiality, or violation of any other terms outlined in this Agreement.

8.2 Termination shall be effected at any time at the sole discretion of EMMA JEAN, Inc.

  1. Dispute Resolution

9.1 In the event of a dispute, the Ambassador may submit an appeal via email.

9.2 Following deliberation, EMMA JEAN reserves the right to render a final verdict, and its decision shall be binding.

  1. Legal Compliance

10.1 Ambassadors shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in their respective regions or jurisdictions.

10.2 All rules, regulations, terms, and restrictions outlined in this document are at any time subject to amendment, alteration, removal or any other form of update at the sole discretion of EMMA JEAN, Inc., without prior notification to the ambassador.

  1. Social Media Platforms and Compliance

11.1 Ambassadors commit to complying with the terms and conditions of the social media platforms selected for promotional activities.